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Getting a ‘whiteman’ friend to send you money is not fraud – Nhyiraba Kojo fume

Ghanaian music star and businessman, Nhyiraba Kojo known in private life as Rashid Joseph has questioned why most Ghanaians associate any young man who is seen living a lavish lifestyle and driving a porch car as someone who is into fraud.

Nhyiraba Kojo wondered why most Ghanaians don’t conclude that those young white guys abroad who also leave ostentatious lifestyle as people who are into unscrupulous activities because they might be feeding fat on the wealth of their parents.

He fumed “First of all if we put music aside, if you see any young guy cruising a nice vehicle then some people would conclude that it is fraud. For all you know the person might have parents or siblings abroad or maybe the car might not even belong to the one riding it.

“So if you see some young ones driving a car and you conclude that they’re into fraud then it means you’re not smart. Secondly, can’t God bless the young ones to also drive the best of cars in town. So me especially these fraud statements I don’t support it.

“Why don’t we also say that white young guys who ride the best of cars abroad are also into fraud because for all you know, they might be living on the wealth of their parents. To me there are more youths who do music and are living well so we shouldn’t say they’re into fraud.”

In a chit chat with Amansan Krakye in an exclusive interview on Cape Coast-based Kastle FM 90.3MHz, Nhyiraba Kojo remarked that being sent money by a white man in abroad is not fraud but rather its like having a penpal who sends you gift due to their benevolence.

“It might be someone who has dashed them a car and given them some money to work with. Even if the person was sent the money from a white man abroad it might be out their benevolence or for some business partnership, so how would you know.

“It is like those days that we were in primary school we use to have penpals who sent us gifts or items, is that one too fraud. So why is it that when someone chats with a white man abroad and the person decides to send some money through their own benevolence we tag such acts as fraud, for me it doesn’t make sense.”

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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