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FixTheCountry: The battle of GalamStop, a reality or illusion

The issue of galamsey is a very complex one which requires a holistic and decentralized approach in addressing it. I believe it’s collective effort and we must be on the same page so one doesn’t become an enemy in course of fighting for interest of the society and generations after us. The government has done very well in the fight to preserve our environment and natural resources. However I feel there’s is more to be done in achieving a desirable results.

To begin with , There’s the need for Ghanaians to appreciate the enormous contribution of the said illegal act and its role in employment. Many of whom are speaking against it are oblivious of the various forms and illegal mining and its impact on our environment as a whole . These are various forms : washing plant , board washing, pit dredging, River dredging , Dig and wash, abandoned underground shafts, Sample hole/pit or ghetto, Mill house operation surface operations and Selection (pilfering mining)

The above forms have its own impact and remediation procedure. Generally the effects of galamsey ranges from the impact on our lands, water bodies , climate and it health effect on the individual etc. it’s of no joy and cheers for any Ghanaian to engage in act that undermines the general welfare of the society. This brings me to ponder over questions “what options do one have than engaging in illegal mining ?”As someone who grew up and still reside in a Galamsey community, I can say for a fact that it’s the major employment hub ranging from the miners to the one who sells ice water to gather something for school. It employs over 70% of inhabitants of galamsey communities. It will interest you to know that graduates in these areas are sometimes mocked for going to school because one would still come back to join their folks on site for reason of not getting job after school, I share in this experience. It’s not as if we have joy coming to engage in the said illegal act but trust me application upon application will be filed w/o response. Galamsey becomes the only hope when looks back. I do not hold the view of such move as being unfortunate since you cannot start with your arms folded and then begs for money to feed but rather by the infiltration of graduates could help drive a conversation of doing it better when there is a clear and unambiguous regulation and policies to guide its operations.

As a country, I believe there must be an enforceable plan and policy direction designed to fit the various forms of galamsey including its operations and remediation.

Also,The education in galamsey must be comprehensively captured in curriculum to educate students and the younger generation to appreciate the cause and it effects and the importance of the government policies on the seeking to regulate it.

Moreover, a decentralized approach where chiefs and assembly members will be responsible to address and educate their communities on the needs preserve their environment and uphold integrity. Government is facing resistance in the fight for the reason that people are being rendered jobless and it will be in this same domain for chiefs and assembly men to face same resisting without existing alternative source of earning income. It’s therefor imperative in the communities to engage with government to come to consensus . I doubt a chief of a community having a capacity to employ its youth will assent to engage in illegal mining in his community except for greedy leader. The community members themselves wouldn’t agree either

Last but not the least , there’s must an employment slots for community members where there exist a mining company to ease the unemployment rate, it’s however unfortunate and sad and difficult for one to be employed without the influence from a prominent resident.

To sum it all up , this is a long walk where government and citizens must prepare to thread on a progressive efforts. It will be unfortunate and disappointing for one to assume the evasion by task force , and other furious measures is an end to the fight . It’s a good call and there must be a stake holder consultations in addressing it.
We are in this together and we all prepared to contribute to the fight and make a better Society.

The Galamsey boy
Felix Evans Yorke


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