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Ghanaians victims of poor decisions made by leaders with no wisdom – US-based musician

‘Fix it’ hitmaker, Onyansapow Bowanopow known in real life as William Sessi has disclosed to Amansan Krakye that Ghanaians are victims of poor leadership of yesteryears which makes decisions with no wisdom.

He revealed “So if you listen to my songs fix it and we move I said that we are victims of a system making decisions with no wisdom.

“And it is not about the sitting government but where we find ourselves as a country is not as a result of poor leadership today,” he said on Kastle FM in Cape Coast.

The sensational rapper, Onyansapow Bowanopow who recently released a song titled ‘We Move’ to address leadership defaults in Ghana said those who make decisions have failed due to their parochial mindset.

He added “It is as a result of poor leadership yesterday and the day before yesterday so it’s like those who have power to make the right decisions for us they’re not making the right decisions to benefit the nation as a whole.

He told the host “But they’re rather making decisions based on their own ego or based on their own affiliations that’s why it’s badly affecting the country”.

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