I enjoyed watching my boyfriend rape my four-month-old baby – Lady shockingly confesses

A disturbing video of a mother claiming that her four-month-old baby who died after being consistently raped by her boyfriend was a sight she enjoyed has surfaced on social media and is fast going viral.

In the video sighted by, the woman who seemed a bit ‘disorganized’ and almost twitching at every sentence, said, she enjoyed every moment her boyfriend sexually harassed her baby because she flirted with him.

According to the lady, her baby at four months old exhibited flirtatious tendencies, and so she had no choice than to pimp her out and make some money out of it.

The woman in the disturbing video that has got social media talking said, even though she saw the pain in her daughter’s eyes, she didn’t care because she asked for it by flirting with her boyfriend.

“Anytime, they are having sex, I could see the pain in her eyes but I just look at them and smile. She will look at me with so much pain and fear in her eyes but I will just look off and smile,” she continued.


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