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I established a job to save me from becoming a ‘sick’ beggar when I grow old – MzbeL

Legendary Ghanaian songstress, Mzbel born Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah has revealed in an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye why she took a break from her music career to invest in other businesses.

She remarked “It’s unfortunate that someone who lived a prominent life as a musician, travelled to several countries and now the person is old or sick and we have to beg for aid to help that person.

“I realized that it could be the system which doesn’t favor us so I took a break to invest into other businesses so that in future when I become old it wouldn’t be that people will have to do contribution to help me go to the hospital,” she added.

Sharing her experience on what motivated her to establish business ventures, Mzbel said on Kastle FM in Cape Coast that it’s sometimes disgraceful and sorrowful to hear that a veteran musician needs donation or aid due to ill health or old age.

“When you observe how some illustrious icons in Ghana become old and get sick and we have to announce for people to do donation or come to their aid, sometimes its very disgraceful, disgusting and sorrowful,” she fumed.

The Goddess of Ghana music, Mzbel who has been in the music industry for almost 2 decades revealed that she also decided to establish a business venture to help employ a few people since we have a lot of youth who’re unemployed due to joblessness.

“Apart from that we don’t have a lot of jobs in Ghana so it’s a way of creating jobs for a few people so basically that’s the main reason why I started investing in other businesses instead of the music alone,” she ended.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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