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Abura Academy refuse dump gets a new face with the help of Kastle 90.3FM

Radio indeed gets results, which is the focus of every media outlet. Kastle 90.3FM has shown that it is not all about the talk on radio but getting results for the people of the communities.

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This comes as a great achievement after the refuse dump area of the Abura Academy community has been a major canker and has led to a lot of issues such as smelling streets, outbreak of cholera, etc has finally been worked on after the team in charge of the radio program titled “Ka w’adwen … ma no ho ntsew” which translates as ”Share your opinion yet it be sane and devoid of insults”.

The team headed by Akua Agyekumwaa  with massive support from the news team members comprising of Attakorah Amaniapong Jnr, Esi Etsiwaah Mensah and Kwamina Essuman did a marvelous job by following up and getting the necessary authorities to respond.

The people of the area showed gratitude and also the radio program team has promised to do more.

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