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My works the reason behind the daily lost of lives and sicknesses in Ghana – Nyame Somafo Yaw confesses

Nyame Somafo Yaw, the self-acclaimed long-awaited Messiah for Ghana and the world has disclosed in an interview with Amansan Krakye that his works are the reason for the deaths and daily sicknesses in Ghana.

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The religious leader and founder made these remarks during the Rabbi Festival at Asomdwee Ntonton Nkabom Som at Gomoa Ankamu in the Central Region when he revealed why more people who are possessed by evil spirits and deeds will continue to die.

Nyame Somafo Yaw categorically said that more people will continue to die on a daily basis and others afflicted with diseases because his works shall continue to fight and kill those doing evil deeds secretly in the spiritual realm.

Narrating how he cured someone who was possessed by some evil spirits for almost three years, Nyame Somafo Yaw said after making the person confess of their sins, they said that his works for Ghana will cause a lot of people to lose their lives and that’s exactly what’s happening now.

He narrated “They brought someone here who has been sick for the past three years and when I placed my hand on the person the spirit causing the sickness revealed itself and said it’s called aboa nanka.

“That gods called aboa nanka is very big and powerful which is behind most of the accidents that has been happening on the Yamoransa enclave. The person said it and we have the recordings here with us,” he added.

“After making the confessions the person said Osomafo Yaw you’re really God sent and this work that you’re doing in Ghana will cause a lot of people to lose their lives and by then people were not even dying on a daily basis like this,” he stated.

“So what the person said is exactly what is happening now. It is because of my works that’s why more people are dying, more getting sick and others lives being destroyed on a daily basis,” Nyame Somafo Yaw told Amansan Krakye.

He concluded “If they don’t believe me they should continue daring me and they will also continue to languish in afflictions and tribulations until my religion becomes fully established in Ghana.”

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