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My body didn’t develop any extra features after taking the Covid-19 vaccine – Diana Hamilton

Inspirational gospel musician, Diana Hamilton says she didn’t develop any extra body features after taking the Covid-19 vaccine to quell the erroneous misconceptions about the vaccination.

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“When I took the Covid-19 vaccine, I didn’t develop an extra finger, my nose isn’t bigger now than before, my two legs are still there intact so I guess so far so good,” she laughed.

“I think what I would say is that where you take the vaccine on your upper arm isn’t that painful because of the tiny needle that is used for the vaccination,” she said.

The multiple awards winner, Diana Hamilton who also happens to be a professional Nurse in the UK told Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM that she felt pains in her upper arm after taking the vaccine but the reaction only confirms that the vaccine is actually working in the body.

She added “My husband got temperature after taking the vaccine but I didn’t, it was rather my upper arm that I felt some pains for at least two days and if not so then nothing else happened.

“So you’d get temperature a bit and that’s a sign that shows that your body is actually accepting the vaccine and it’s doing what it is supposed to do,” she remarked on the Kastle Entertainment Show.

She told the host “But the day after taking the vaccine, I had some pains in my upper arm where I took the vaccine it’s just like going to vaccinate your child because obviously sometimes taking a vaccine is a way of introducing the virus in a smaller quantity in you.”

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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