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Ghanaian artistes no longer compose Hausa songs for ‘awure’ in zongos – Jay Baba

Ghanaian musician based in Rochester NY, Jay Baba born Yahaya Alhassan has revealed that nowadays Ghanaian artistes no longer compose Hausa songs which are used for marriage ceremonies in Muslim communities.

Speaking in a virtual interview with Amansan Krakye, Jay Baba said due to the absence of Hausa songs composed by Ghanaian artistes, most Muslim marriage ceremonies in zongos now play Hausa songs composed by Nigerian artistes.

He said “Nowadays if you go to awure in some Ghanaian communities, you hardly hear them play indigenous songs which are composed in the Hausa language by a Ghanaian artiste.

“Most of the awure we attend these days you hear them play songs composed by Nigerian artiste which are composed in the Hausa language,” he told the Kastle Entertainment Show.

“I know a couple of Hausa language speakers in the Ghana music industry who are rappers so they don’t do such Hausa songs that can be played during the Muslim marriage ceremonies,” he added on Kastle FM.

In his quest to help preserve the rich cultural heritage of Hausa songs that are composed by artiste purposely for Awure, Jay Baba has decided to dedicate four Hausa songs on his upcoming album titled “Bazazzagi” to muslims in Ghana.

“All I’m trying to do is to help to preserve the Hausa language especially used in composing songs for Muslim communities in Ghana. Those days we used to hear some Hausa songs from VIP but no more,” he ended.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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