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John Dumelo suggests changes in the constitution to allow for more ‘chop chop’ by the politicians

Entrepreneur, actor, farmer and politician, John Dumelo has suggested in a social media write-up that changes be made in the Ghana constitution with regards to the 4-year tenure of office for the President.

The Ghanaian Civil Engineer and parliamentary aspirant on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2020 general elections, said four years isn’t enough for any government.

John Dumelo wrote on Facebook “4 years is not enough for ANY President/ Gov to function effectively.

“The first year is used to settle down in the office and the last year for campaign leaving only 2 years for effective work. We should consider 5 years per term.

“Ghana and Nigeria are the only two countries in Africa who’s presidents only spend 4 years in office. The rest spend 5 or 7 years.

“Question: is there a correlation between number of years spent in office and development?, considering Ghana, Nigeria vrs the rest of Africa?”.

Meanwhile, some Netizens have quickly condemned and lambasted John Dumelo for his suggestion with many claiming that this will only lead to more embezzlement by the elected politicians.

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