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My potbelly was not due to the big money I made from the ‘Telemo’ Vodafone deal – Gasmilla

“Telemo” hitmaker, Odartei Milla Lamptey popularly known as Gasmilla has told Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM that the potbelly he had some time ago was not as a result of the big money he got his Vodafone deal.

Responding to how people are linking his potbelly to the money he got from the Vodafone deal, Gasmilla revealed that it was sleeplessness and eating late at night that made him develop a potbelly.

“I was fat when I first entered the music industry but I’m the type who gets fat when I don’t get enough sleep,” he remarked on the Kastle Entertainment Show.

He revealed “When you don’t sleep early and also eat late in the night it affects your weight like in my case but now by God’s grace I have worked on my weight and shape.

“So the potbelly has now been eliminated and it’s not due to the big money I got from my Vodafone deal I had some time ago,” he explained.

“It was mainly due to my sleeplessness and late eating that’s what brought me the potbelly but I have cleared it long time,” he told Amansan Krakye.

“Now I’m a fine boy and I really look like a young man these days and if you see me you might think that I’m just 16 years old,” he ended on Kastle FM in Cape Coast.

In 2015, Gasmilla was contracted by Vodafone to do a different rendition of his hit single ‘Telemo’ to highlight the important details of the Yetwi Kor promotion.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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