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Why play foreign songs for free but charge Ghanaian artistes to pay for airplay? – Opanka fumes

Tema-based rapper, Opanka born Armstrong Affum has fumed at some radio presenters and disc jockeys (DJ’s) during an interview with Amansan Krakye for promoting foreign songs for free but heavily charge Ghanaian artistes to pay for airplay.

He said on Kastle FM “You’d invest a lot of money into doing music and to push those songs becomes a problem. If you give the songs out to people and you don’t add any money to it the song wouldn’t get the needed airplay.

“But meanwhile that same person will go and download a foreign song and be playing it consistently on the airwaves for free until it becomes a hit. Meanwhile our own Ghanaian artiste will not get such airplay and they’ll be struggling with hunger to make ends meet,” he fumed.

Responding to the agenda by Shatta Wale for DJ’s to play 90% Ghanaian songs on our airwaves, Opanka aka the microphone abuser said it is only when we support our own that we can be able to also win a Grammy Award.

“Playing 90% Ghanaian songs is really good I wish we can even do it 100% for us. We live in a country where the system is not working and people struggle to survive and we have no idea how people make ends meet,” he added.

“So if it happens like that how can we progress to get to the stage of also winning a Grammy Award. So it’s high time we support our own and it’s just not a lip service but it starts somewhere,” he concluded.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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