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It’s barbaric and savagery to hate an entertainer for endorsing a political party – Rex Omar

‘Abiba’ hitmaker, Rex Owusu Marfo popularly known as Rex Omar has questioned why most professionals partake in active partisan politics but those in the entertainment industry who do same are hated.

“At the same time I don’t see why if a musician decides to engage in active partisan politics we should have problem with that. Lawyers do politics, medical doctors do politics so there is no one born with politics embossed on their forehead. We have teachers who do politics and we also have pastors who do politics so why do we have problem with those in the entertainment industry when they venture into politics.”

Rex Omar, responded to the question why it is risky for those in the entertainment industry to engage in political endorsement in an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle Drive in Cape Coast.

He answered “It is Ghana that excuse me to say we’re not so enlightened that’s why we make political endorsement look very risky. When someone is selling milk and a musician is told to do a song for the promotion of the milk why don’t we insult that musician. We all accepted in the year 1992 that we want multi party democracy and this means that we can’t all believe in one particular political ideology.

“The constitution has given us the greenlight and so a political party is free to engage the services of a musician for a song to help in their campaign. So if you’re lucky and you get approached then you do the campaign song for the money but I don’t understand why someone would say that because a musician has done a song for a certain political party i won’t buy that musician’s song again”, he added.

“Aside that political endorsement, aren’t we in this country when people endorse certain products and if a political party in their own wisdom feel that a musician is having followers so they want the musician to do a song for them and they agree on good terms, I don’t see anything wrong with it”, he said on Kastle FM.

Rex Omar fumed at the people who swear never to patronize the works of someone in the entertainment industry who has openly endorsed a political party and advised that we must all desist from such barbaric gesture.

He continued “But we must know the difference because we have musicians who are actively into politics and that’s different from a musician who has been contracted to do a song for a political party so I don’t see the reason why you should have a problem with a musician endorsing political party for money.

“It’s only Ghana that we do such things and it’s about time we stop because you can’t prevent someone from doing things that are not against our laws. If someone has a goodwill and intentions to help we should all support such people. What’s bad is the type of partisan politics where we insult the elderly and we must desist from that. We don’t use insults to nurture a country but rather ideas and initiatives so if you don’t have anything to say sit somewhere quietly”, he concluded.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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