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Every artiste must endeavour to put their songs on the online streaming platforms – Wutah Kobby

Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Wutah Kobby born Daniel Morris Nyarko has advised his colleague musicians to endeavour to put their songs on the various streaming sites to make their music easily accessible to the public.

In a chit chat with Amansan Krakye on Kastle Drive, Wutah Kobby revealed that the surest way of making money in the music scene is through online streams and downloads since the selling of cassette and CDs have become a thing of the past.

He remarked “I think as at now it’s the only sure way of making revenue from the music that we made because especially now that outdoor shows are not allowed, since artistes are not billed on shows. It’s now like the streams are the main thing and besides, now selling of CD and cassette are things of the past.”

Wutah Kobby observed that lately most people go online to stream and download songs they love to listen to on their phones and laptops since we now find ourselves in modern times when the computer has become a necessity.

“People are actually downloading songs on their phones, laptops and using caller back ringtone and their streaming songs. We’re in the computer age now so most of the things are done online and even in the past when we did songs we had to put it on a CD and give it to DJs to play it for us.

“But now you can send the song through your email or WhatsApp and the DJ can get it or even google to download the song either for free or for a fee. So now every artiste should endeavour to at least put their songs on all the platforms and the platforms are enormous.

“So you’d be making a bit of money from each of the streaming platforms and when you put all of them together you’d realize you’re making some good money from it,” he told Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM 90.3MHz in Cape Coast.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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