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Partaking in pageant reality show isn’t a cheap claim to fame – Ekua GMB 2019

Ms Ekua Mends Bannerman, winner of TV3’s 2019 Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) and founder of Ekubann Foundation has seriously refuted the assertion that most ladies partake in pageantry for cheap popularity.

Speaking to Kastle FM’s Amansan Krakye on the Kastle Entertainment Show, Ms Ekua Mends Bannerman was asked whether most ladies who partake in pageantry do so to claim to fame cheaply.

She responded “I would say that it’s not true that we want to become popular on a silver platter that’s why we involve ourselves in reality pageant shows.

“Those who say that we want to use some easy means to make money through fame are not telling the truth because what we do comes with hard work and dedication”, she added.

Ms Ekua Mends Bannerman revealed that when you are a contestant at the Ghana’s Most Beautiful reality show it takes a lot of efforts, memorization and perseverance to come out victorious.

She continued “At the GMB for instance, you can’t be involved if you are not determined. You need to memorize a lot of stuffs so that you can deliver it on stage.”

“Sometimes with a short notice you need to learn a lot of historical background of the cultural setup for the region you come from”, she said on Kastle Entertainment Show.

“This also helps to educate the masses out there because most people might not even be aware of the history behind certain aspects of the region they come from”, she concluded.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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