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About 11% of Ghana’s 10.6M structures metal containers or kiosks – Census report

About 11 percent of structures in Ghana are metal containers or kiosks, according to the 2021 Population and Housing Census.

A breakdown of the structures indicated that 78.7 percent were conventional structures, 9.7 percent are wooden structures, 8.0 percent are metal containers, 2.8 percent are kiosks and 0.9 percent being “other” structures.

A little over 20 percent of structures in Ghana are listed as uncompleted.

The preliminary report from the census indicated that there are 10,661,421 structures in Ghana.

Of these structures, 80.2 percent are fully completed with 12.1 percent partially completed, and 7.7 percent of the structures with no form of roofing.

Level of Completion of Structures; Ghana 2021 Census

Structures by Use in Ghana; Ghana 2021 Census
Structures by Type; Ghana 2021 Census

The North East Region has the most completed structures with 89.9 percent, whilst the Central Region has the least number of completed structures with 76.3 percent.

The number of structures with roofs stands at 9,837,153.

Of the structures in Ghana, 57 percent were being used as residences.

Some structures, 2.6 percent, are being used for both residential and non-residential purposes, whilst 40.4 percent of structures are being used for non-residential purposes.

The census revealed Ghana’s population to be 30.6 million, comprising 8,345,414.

Though Ghana’s number of households has grown five-fold since 1970, where 1.8 million households were recorded, the average household size in Ghana has been declining since the year 2000, whilst the average household size is at the lowest level ever at 3.6.


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