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Akoto Ampaw & Co Have Not Read Entire anti-LGBTQ+ Bill; They Are Reacting Emotionally – South Dayi MP

With the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill which is before the Constitution, Legal and Parliamentary Affair Committee of parliament, the Member of Parliament for South Dayi in the Volta Region, Hon Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor says he is convinced that the group led by renowned lawyer, Akoto Ampaw has not read the entire bill.

According to him, lawyer Akoto Ampaw has only read a portion of the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill to argue his dislike for the bill, making him react emotionally and neglecting the import of the whole legislation in the greater national interest.

“Akoto Ampaw and co have not read our bill and so they are reacting emotionally. He knows that as a senior lawyer when you make a law you read the law as a whole to know the import of the whole legislation is in the greater national interest; you don’t quote a portion of it and deal with it. Akoto Ampaw is throwing away our greater national interest,” he indicated.

Speaking onOkay FM’s ‘Ade Akye Abia’ Morning Show, Hon. Dafeamekpor noted that the import of the legislation is that even though they cannot stop homosexuality completely, the law will check the spread as there is a provision in the bill that ensures that there are processes for those who are already in homosexual activities to be rehabilitated and cured.

“We know we cannot stop it completely but we have to check the spread and that is why we are saying in the bill that those who are already in it, there are processes for you to be rehabilitated and be cured,” he noted.

“If we entertain certain things in this country, things will get out of hands. Homosexuality destroys family lineage and there will be no next generation because it is against procreation,” he mentioned.

He chided that the activities of the homosexuals are disgustingly infringing on human rights as they normally adopt innocent children from the department of social welfare and they end up turning the children into lesbians and gays against their wish as the children will grow up in the home of two men who are acting as husband and wife.

“The most disgusting aspect of homosexuality is that when they settle down, they send applications to social welfare that they want to adopt innocent children to live with two men or women who are living as husband and wife, and so the children will grow to accept it as the way of life or as a gay or a lesbian. These are the same people who are talking about human rights; you are introducing our children into this against fundamental human rights,” he fumed.

To the South Dayi lawmaker, those who are engaging in homosexuality are sick to detest a man and a woman relationship and yet one of their partners have to act as a man and a woman in the relationship.

“The most annoying aspect is that they want to adopt children but they don’t want to give birth to children . . . You don’t want a woman but why do you want to be the woman? So it is a sickness,” he fumed.


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