Don’t neglect the youth – aspiring NDC Dep. Nat’l Youth Organizer tells party

Aspiring Deputy National Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Obed Opintan has called on the leadership of the party not to neglect the youth after their internal elections


He said the role of the youth in helping the party to defeat the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2024 is critical.

“As an incoming Deputy National Youth Organizer, I am calling on the leadership to look into this critical issue where ‘Other Youth’ organizers are being asked to end their work after internal elections in the Party are over,” he said in a statement.

Below is his fill statement…

The National Democratic Congress has been one of the parties that creates a system and platform for the growth of the youth more specifically the youths in the party. But over the years, the Party has been silent on a particular issue that needs urgent attention and immediate redress.

In the party hierarchy; from the branch to the National front and the composition of the executives with their respective functions to run the party and its internal governance.

The neglect of the “Other Youth” after they are done electing party executives, work ceases as “Other Youth” organizers. meanwhile the party or the constitution recognizes those at the Regional and National level as second deputy youth organizers.

Moreover, the main work is at the constituencies and branch levels and they are the people who have connected with the constituencies and can do the work at the base level besides, the work of the grassroots is at the constituencies not regional or national level.

Due to this ,I, Obed Opintan, the incoming Deputy National Youth Organizer is calling on the leadership to look into this critical issue where “Other Youth” organizers are been asked to end their work after internal elections in the Party are over.

As a youth activist, I am pleading to our Leadership, to revisit their decision by considering the “Other Youth. Thus;

1. To maintain them as Second deputy youth organizers to work together with the constituency youth organizers.

2. The party should state a clear function for them and what is expected of them but not only to use them for internal elections.

Again, considering them as second deputy youth organizer will create an avenue for all hands to come on deck to work towards the victory of the party come 2024 elections.

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