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Green Ghana ‘useless’ since trees will end up exported to beautify Europe – Germany-based Artiste fumes

Ghanaian artiste based in Germany, Joemexx born Matthew Wells Kojo Amissah has told Amansan Krakye that he didn’t bother himself to participate in the planting of trees since it will end up being exported to beautify Europe.

He said “I didn’t bother myself to plant a tree for the Green Ghana project and my reason is that after planting will these trees grow to provide us with the needed support.

“When we plant these trees and they grow then our leaders will cut them and sell to foreigners outside Ghana for them to pocket the proceeds,” he added.

Joemexx who comes from Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana said on Kastle FM in Cape Coast that the trees planted during the Green Ghana exercise won’t benefit Ghanaians in anyway.

“When you travel abroad and you see the wood the white people have used to beautiful their country I marvel and ask my white friends where did they get the wood from,” he revealed.

“They told me that they get the wood from Ghana so it tells me that if I dedicate myself to plant trees and they grow our leaders will cut all of them and sell to these white people,” he fumed.

He ended “That’s why I didn’t bother myself to plant any tree because I know it won’t have any benefits on us since it’ll end up being sold to make abroad more nicer than here in Ghana”.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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