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If you lack patience don’t struggle for a political appointment – Dan Lartey warns Socrate Safo n Co

Chief Executive Officer of Remedi Entertainment, Daniel Lartey has told Amansan Krakye that most people change after being given a position of power to serve in government.

He said most people speak differently after being given appointment into various positions in government because the perception outside is not the reality from the inside.

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He remarked on Kastle FM “As for the story changing at the creative arts ministry, until these guys are appointed we can’t say so because people do change after being given a position of power.

“When they’ve not been appointed, they speak different but when they’re appointed the possibility that they will do what we all hope to see is very difficult. This is because when you’re appointed into government, the rules there might be different from what we see outside,” he revealed.

In an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle Entertainment Show in Cape Coast, Dan Lartey said those who want quick results are those who mostly get frustrated after being appointed to serve.

He added “When you want something to be done you’d have to lobby for it and the lobbying might take you like a year or two. Meanwhile your people want the thing to be done in the next two, three months.

“And if happens like that you as the industry person who’s holding such a position might be frustrated but yet you can’t come out to spew anything against the government,” he concluded.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)


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