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‘Juju is real in pageant shows’ – Lady corroborates allegations in 2021 Ghana’s Most Beautiful

There has been ongoing debate on social media platforms as to whether juju is real in pageant shows after the revelations by Kwansema’s mum about her daughters predicament.

Whilst some people disagree about the possibility of involving spirituality in such reality shows, others also strongly believe that nothing is impossible so far as contests are concerned.

Corroborating Kwansema’s mum story about the use of juju at the 2021 Ghana’s Most Beautiful is a lady known as Emefa who went for several auditions in Takoradi.

She told Amansan Krakye ” Very true, some contestants can go to the extreme just to win or be selected. I had my own share of evil plots when I went for the auditions. Juju is real in pageantries.

Emefa added “I spoke with Ekua abt my intention to go again 2020 n she advise me well. According to her, weird things happens there, both spiritually and physically. Especially when they see u are good n a threat to them”.


Mother of Edith Arthur popularly known as Kwansema who was a contestant for TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) 2021 has recently made some shocking revelations.

Speaking to Amansan Krakye on the Kastle Entertainment Show, Kwansema’s mother revealed that her daughter suffered severally from spiritual attacks which affected her stage performances.

“It is true that what the ladies are doing on Ghana’s Most Beautiful goes beyond what we see in the physical realm, some of the ladies use juju.

“Kwansema has been attacked severally with juju which sometimes has affected her performance on stage. She told me about her ordeal after doing the Asafo performance.

“After attacking her spiritually and realizing that it has failed, some of her colleagues decided to attack her physically because some of the girls see her as a threat”.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastefmonline.com)

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