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Re-registration of SIM cards not an effective approach to clamp down on cybercrimes – systems analyst

In a bid to rid Ghana of cybercrime, among other reasons, the government has rolled out a policy to have all telecommunications subscribers re-register their SIM cards.

However, some cybersecurity analysts have raised concerns regarding the newly rolled-out policy.

Senior Systems Analyst at NarrowLite International, Samuel Kwame Adomako, said the new policy is not an effective approach to solving the increasing incidence of cyber fraud.

“Government’s approach to re-register SIM cards is not a bad thing. But, this approach would definitely lead us back to where we currently are.

“If you’re to tell me one person can register 10 SIM cards, then it tells me, we’re not finding the appropriate solutions to this menace.

“Should an individual mistakenly lose their ID card to the wrong person, then it’s obvious the person can use the card details to register their SIM card.

“And, this debunks the policy of clamping down on cyber fraud,” he said.

Samuel Adomako suggested some approaches the government could employ to reduce the increasing cases of cybercrime.

“I believe if the government really wants to stop the increasing cybercrime rates, the best approach is to aid the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service get access to information.

“The telecommunications providers have information on those who perpetrate cybercrimes.

“Their location and further details could be provided by the network providers to the CID for the perpetrators to be tracked.

“Government could also link all of us up so that officials will identify who really owes the Ghana Card,” he added.

He further disagreed with the government’s policy on juveniles below 15 years not being allowed to register their SIM cards. He believes “if only parents are allowed to register for their wards, then it would be an invasion of privacy”.



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