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Selfishness is killing most of the new crop of producers in the music industry – Master Garzy bemoans

Mix Master Garzy born Benjamin Garzy Mensah has bemoaned the attitude of some new crop of sound engineers and producers which is inimical to the progress of their career.

He remarked “Not really because due to the industry and the system when everybody comes up they want to do their own thing. This new producers that have come up they want to do everything by themselves so that people will applaud them for their works.

“But the work is very broad for instance when you visit abroad you’d realize that there are people who specialize with beat making or playing one particular instrument and that’s it which also makes them get the money, he added.

The renowned record producer and sound engineer, Mix Master Garzy told Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM that the new crop of producers feel reluctant to have their works mastered by an experienced professional.

He revealed “Some people are specialist who also do a listening session to make sure that the song is soothing to the ear. But here that’s what we’re lacking, should you tell a new producer to give a work for mastering to Master Garzy, PossiGee or Kaywa they will feel reluctant to do so.”

He continued “Because of their mindset that they want to be recognized solely for the production they don’t want additional hands on the job. So I have made up my mind that as time goes on I will be doing some workshops for these new and upcoming producers since I have been in the industry for quite a long time.

The multiple awards winner, disc jockey and singer, Mix Master Garzy said that he will advise the new producers in the music industry to master the art of beat production else they shouldn’t shy away from being assisted.

He concluded “I will share my experience with them to let them understand that the work is huge and if you are able to do your quota leave the rest for someone else. If you don’t want anyone else to support you then make sure you learn the rudiments of beat making perfectly.”

Source: Amansan Krakye(kastlefmonline.com)

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