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The Ghana Police Service extended an invitation to the group to meet the Regional Minister when the Police were served with a notice of demonstration.

The planned demonstration on Tuesday, 6th July, 2021 is suspended for 13 days.

This was borne out of a 3-hour crunch meeting between us, the convenors of Fix Komenda Sugar Factory Demonstration, the Regional Minister, Ghana Police Service and National Security.

Upon several deliberations, the following were agreed on;

1. That, an Open Forum be organised on 19th July, 2021 between government officials (Regional Minister, Ministry of Trade and Industry, etc) and all other stakeholders and interested parties within the Region and beyond.

2. That the planned demonstration on Tuesday, 6th July, 2021 be suspended till the close of day, 19th July, 2021 pending the outcome of the open dialogue.

3. The Regional Minister has agreed to receive a petition and forward same to the Presidency and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Ladies and gentlemen, we want to state on record that we have suspended this demonstration not because of fear or intimidation from any quarters.

As well-meaning and development-focused Ghanaians, we have agreed to suspend this demonstration because we want to give dialogue, a second chance as a way forward.

We are urging all to keep calm as we plan towards the Open Dialogue with the relevant stakeholders which is scheduled on Monday, 19th July, 2021 at Komenda. We entreat all concerned citizens and media to be present on said date for the open dialogue.

Let us remain resolute and unperturbed as we await the outcome of the scheduled dialogue.

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