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The Electoral Commission has faced similar challenges since 1992 but still doesn’t learn – Prof. Gyampo bemoans

A political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Yaw Gyampo has revealed that most of the challenges being encountered by the Electoral Commission in the electoral register and exhibition seem to recur since 1992 but he feels we don’t learn as a nation to correct our mistakes.
He revealed “Every election that we undertake there would be polling stations that electoral materials get there late. At least every election we would have polling stations with faulty machines. There are places where we have late start of polls since we started voting from 1992.
“It seems we don’t learn and we’re receptive to knowledge because every time we do voter registration and exhibition we encounter the same or similar problems. My point is that every time we do voter’s exhibition exercise we have huge names of people not having their names in the voters register.
Professor Ransford Gyampo said those who are making claims that the issues we are encountering with the voters exhibition are monumental and first of its kind, should go back and assess the previous electoral exercises.
“But someone was telling me that this is the first time such huge errors are occurring. However, I don’t just talk because I do a lot of research so I won’t make idle statement but those who feel that this thing hasn’t happened and this is the first I’m not condoning mediocrity.
He continued “So those who think it’s happening for the first time should go back and check the 2012 exhibition. My issue has to do with the electoral commission itself.
“Everytime we go for elections, there are certain problems that recur and it creates an impression as if we’re not willing to learn or we’re not really willing to serve our nation very well,” he told Oman Nana on Cape Coast-based Kastle FM 90.3MHz.
Source: Amansan Krakye
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