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W/Region: Adiembra residents foil suspected abduction of 17-yr-old student

The Sekondi Police is holding three suspected abductors after they allegedly attempted to kidnap a 17-year-old, Judith Yawson, a final year student of Adiembra Senior High School in the Western Region.

The three suspects including a lady and two men, one a taxi driver, on Sunday, September 26, 2021, were arrested in front of Judith’s hostel at Adiembra in Sekondi.

This was after they were overpowered by residents who were attracted to the scene following Judith’s shouts for help.

Some youth of Adiembra who were responded to the shouts by Judith’s mother, Alberta Yawson, immediately sent the three suspects to the Adiembra Police station, and later moved to the Sekondi Police station.

Narrating the incident to Citi News, the mother of the victim, who resides at New Takoradi said her daughter called her that she was being abducted by an unknown lady who had, two days earlier, called to spend the night with the family.

“My son Martin received a call on Friday afternoon from someone who mentioned his name. The person pleaded with my son to allow his sister who had traveled to Takoradi from Accra to come and spend the night at our house. The person claimed that they have a family house at Upper New Takoradi. I asked my son who the person was, and he said the person introduced himself as P.K. I didn’t say anything until 2:30 am when I received a call from someone who told me his niece who is coming to sleep with Martin (my son) had arrived, and so I should allow Martin to go and meet her.

“So I asked him that if the person truly knows Martin, then he should know that my son Martin is even not well, so I would rather go to meet her. I went to see the lady who had arrived in a Taxi but after a critical look at the lady who was removing her bags, I wasn’t enthused about the personality, so I told the driver not to move.”

“I asked the lady if she knew me and my children, but she said no. So I told her it would not be advisable to spend the night with us. The Taxi driver agreed with me and promised to get her a hotel to spend the night so that the next day she comes for them to help her find her family house”, she said.

Alberta Yawson however said this same lady was found at her daughter’s hostel on Sunday trying to abduct her.

“I thought that was the end, but this morning my daughter who is at a hostel at Adiembra called to tell me the people have called her to come for a parcel from the hotel. So I told my brother, who advised we report the case to the Police, which we did at the Central Police station. Just as we were about to leave, my daughter called me, the same people have come to her hostel to take her away. So we quickly rushed to her hostel and I noticed the same girl who tried to spend the night with us standing at the hostel upon arriving at the scene. The Taxi driver they came with had already entered the hostel.”

“My daughter was the only one at the hostel at the time. So I moved to the town to call for help, and we managed to arrest the lady, the Taxi driver, and a man who was in the vehicle. The landlord of the hostel also confirmed to us that he missed 11 calls from the same number the people used to call me. The lady claims she is a footballer from the UK and doesn’t know my daughter but saw her picture on Facebook”, she added.

When Citi News contacted the Public Relations Officer of the Western Regional Police Command, ASP Olivia Ewurabena Adiku, she said the police were holding some persons, She was however quick to add that  it was quite early to state if they are suspected abductors or kidnappers since they are still looking into the case.


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