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Why is it that every ruling party seem to defend and support the Electoral Commission – Prof. Gyampo asks

Professor Ransford Gyampo who is a political science lecturer at the University of Ghana has wondered why every ruling party in government seem to defend and support every policy by the Electoral Commission even more better than the electoral body itself.
He remarked “The problem I have with the electoral commission is that it has not been able to ring-fence itself to win itself from the praise singing and support from ruling parties. Why is it that every time the ruling party talks more or seem to understand the electoral process more than the electoral commission itself.”
Speaking on Cape Coast-based Kastle FM 90.3MHz with Oman Nana, Professor Gyampo has questioned why over the years the Electoral Commission seem not call the ruling party to order whenever they seem be doing what they’ve not been mandated to do.
He added: “The activities of the electoral commission are well understood and better defended by the ruling party than the electoral commission itself. That shouldn’t be the case and if that should happen the electoral commission should point out to the ruling party that we understand the rules better than you so allow us to defend ourselves and allow us to defend our policies to the people.
Professor Ransford Gyampo claims that so far as the ruling political parties always seem to defend the Electoral Commission, it would always give cause for the opposition to suspect that the ruling party is running affairs at the electoral body.
He continued “The ruling party has no business defending the electoral commission because if the electoral commission sits aloof, the opposition party will have a cause to suspect that they are in bed with each other. So the opposition party will always be opposing every move by the electoral commission because the ruling party will always be defending and supporting every move by the EC.
He concluded “When issues come up at the electoral commission, the ruling party is able to justify and explain the issue better which if not curtailed will always make the opposition suspect that the ruling is running the affairs of the electoral commission.”
Source: Amansan Krakye
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