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I engaged stakeholders on Ameen Sangari revitalisation — Cape Coast North MP

The Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North Constituency, Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarku has clarified the role he played in the revamping of the Ameen Sangari Factory in Cape Coast.

The Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North Constituency, Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarku has clarified the role he played in the revamping of the Ameen Sangari Factory in Cape Coast.

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Although the factory is situated in the Cape Coast South Constituency, Dr. Nyarku said he had the factory’s revitalization as one of his main agenda when voted as MP. He further stressed that the majority of workers who were previously employed by the company reside at Cape Coast North Constituency.

“When I was a PC, I met the management of Ameen to discuss plans to revive the company. When I became the MP, I met them again to discuss the way forward.”

He continued, “In April 2021, I presented a statement on revamping Ameen Sangari to Parliament. In June, 2021, I filed a question regarding the plans the Ministry of Trade and Industry has put in place to revamp and reopen the Ameen Sangari factory. On 10th February, 2022, the sector Minister came to the floor of Parliament to answer my question. Though monies were disbursed in December, my time to ask the question came late though submitted earlier.

“I am and would not undermine the efforts of other stakeholders. Hitherto, they can’t undermine mine too. However, no one can deny the fact that Ameen has been my priority since I began my political journey.”

According to him, during his stakeholder engagements, he met the Cape Coast Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer, Ernest Arthur and they together met the current Regional Minister, Marigold Assan to discuss ways and means to help the Ameen Sangari factory.

He noted that if he could use his personal resources to bring Ameen back to life, “I would have done that long ago. The development of Cape Coast is my number one priority and that is what I’m working at right now”.

The MP’s reactions have been necessitated by some political opponents trying to accuse him of taking the shine of government regarding the factory.

He stated, “Indeed, others even felt why should he ask the sector minister a question when he knew Ameen had already been put under the 1D1F by the government? I presented a statement on the floor of the house last year around April and government adopted Ameen in December, last year”.

According to him, if he had had the opportunity of reading his statement of the floor of the house, that would have preceded the government’s intervention. “In any event, I think the government has done very well by engaging participating Institutions to secure 6.1 million cedis to rescue the factory and offer possible employment to the people of Cape Coast and its environs”.

The Cape Coast North Member of Parliament stressed that, as the minister responded to his question in Parliament, he is only hoping and praying that the factory starts operation in March, 2022 as promised by the minister.

As a follow-up to what the minister said in parliament, “I and Hon. Ricketts-Hagan, MP for Cape Coast South paid a working visit to the Ameen Sangari on the 14th of February, 2022 to ascertain things for ourselves”.

Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarku spoke to Benjamin Tetteh Nartey on GBC Radio Central’s ‘Central Morning Show” on Monday 21st March, 2022.

Ending on the Ameen Sangari matter, the Honourable Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North Constituency, intimated that, “we’re all involved in the development of Cape Coast.”

Source: DC Kwame Kwakye

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