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Most NGOs are collapsing due to the heavy charges at the port on goods meant for orphans – Philanthropist

Ghanaian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Stacy Amewoyi has complained bitterly about how those in the non profit organizations are made to pay huge sums of money at the port to clear goods meant for the less-privileged and orphans.

She added on Kastle FM “So we want someone who will help the less privileged and orphans in the society. But when we bring these goods as non profit organization we’re even made to pay tax which shouldn’t be the case.”

She stated “Today those of us who have established NGOs and foundations, if we bring our goods to be distributed to the poor, needy and orphans through the harbour, we are made to pay up to 15,000 dollars for used clothing which we’re using to do the work of God.

Talking to Amansan Krakye on the Kastle Entertainment Show, Stacy Amewoyi who is the founder of Stacy M. Foundation said that the huge sums paid by non profits at the harbour has discouraged most NGOs to continue existing.

He continued “It’s about who you know and someone like me who is not connected to anyone in government we would even pay duty as well on each stuff. This is has discouraged a lot of people from engaging in charity because of the huge amount we’re made to pay.

“I plead with them it’s true that some people in the past have abused it and used it wrongly but they should check our records because I have a good heart for Ghana. I love my country and every three months if not for the covid I have been doing regular donations,” she concluded on Kastle FM.

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