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Those championing fix the country on social media must also take bold initiatives on the ground – MOG Music

Ghanaian Pastor and songwriter, Nana Yaw Boakye known in showbiz as MOG Music has told Amansan Krakye that celebrities who are championing fix the country agenda on social media must move to the ground to help fix the country.

Speaking on the Kastle Drive show via Kastle FM in Cape Coast, MOG Music said that though it is not bad to use social media to demand change, people must also take bold initiatives in reality to help salvage the situation instead of just complaining.

He said “I’m also concerned about social issues and we do add our voices to it but maybe we don’t do it openly in the public per se. The truth of the matter is as much as we do it my understanding is that there’s little that you can push on social media.

“You can create an alignment for people to say fix the country and all that is part of it for it to work some times. But what can really fix the problem is when we the youth decide to go on the ground and work. When you say fix the country on social media those in power might think these people will only make noise for some few days and stop it,” he remarked.

He added “But when you decide to go on the grounds and we use our hands to work they’ll see that these young guys are helping to create initiative for the problem to be fixed. Gospel and secular artistes can come together and the revenue we raise in a year we can create an account and put some money into it and we take one village to build a fully furnished classroom block for them.

“When the government see that we the young ones taking these initiatives they themselves will sit up and say we need to put things right because the youth are doing what we haven’t done maybe some are just spending our taxes without doing anything but that’s my not problem,” he continued.

He revealed “But for me as much as I would like to go and voice out on social media that fix the country and all that I will rather sit those in power down write a petition and see the person face to face about what can be done about the situation.

He told the host “The little influence we have isn’t just about going on social media but we have to get into contact with the people and I believe that will make a great change”.

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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