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You’ll commit suicide if you allow yourself to be forced into marriage – Patapaa advises

“One corner” hitmaker and newly married man, Patapaa whose real name is Justice Amoah has advised those planning to get married to thread cautiously in order to avoid mistakes.

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“The little I can say is that as for me I think marriage is good. But when the time is not due you need to be patient. Because it’s a long but not a short journey that’s what’s said proverbially,” he stated on Kastle Drive.

In a chit chat with Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast-based Kastle FM 90.3MHz, Patapaa said no one should allow other people to force them into marriage if they think the time isn’t right since it can lead to your early grave.

“So what I know is that when the time is due for you to marry as a man or woman that’s better than rushing yourself into marriage at the wrong time. If the love isn’t one between the couple then the marriage becomes different,” he added.

Patapaa who is now successfully married to his German wife known as Mrs Liha Miller Amoah, took the opportunity to advise individuals to do background checks in order to be sure about the character of the person they want to be married to.

He continued “But if the love is one then you live together for the marriage to become successful. It is said that you don’t take decisions in a hasty manner.

Patapaa told Amansan Krakye that “So there is the need to do background checks to ensure that the person you want to marry whether they come from a good home and have good upbringing.”

Source: Amansan Krakye (kastlefmonline.com)

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